Paul Rastfetter


HD 2

HP: 15 AC: 13 Leather shirt

Dagger does 1d4+2 damage and is +2 to hit

Str : 13 +1 Dex : 13 +1 Int : 10 +0 Wis : 8 -1 Con : 12 +1 Cha : 14 +2

BAB +1

CMB = 2


Paul is a large friendly man who looks like he could be your new best friend, or a deadly enemy. He runs [[The Giggling Gargoyle]].

Most of the time he’s just a friendly guy who wants to make his customers feel at home. That is, as long as they’re eating or drinking. Since his home/tavern doesn’t have rooms for guest he’s often heard telling them “Ya don[t haf ta go home, but ya can’t stay here.”

Paul Rastfetter

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