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Within Olfden there are groups of independent “Peacekeepers”. Some would call them guardians, some would call them vigilantes, most people call them “gangs”. These three competing guardian groups, each of whom would like to control the entire town, are about to wage gang warfare on each other. Should you try to stop it? OR sit back and watch the town burn?

Olfden is a town of just over 3000 mostly human souls. As a centrally located and relatively safe location between the towns of Falcon’s Hollow, Piren’s Bluff and Oregent, Olfden serves as a central market to the region. The market attracts not only merchants and buyers, but thieves, pickpockets, and worse.

The Giggling Gargoyle is just one of several small taverns in town. “The Gig” as the locals refer to it, is really just the front room of the owner’s house. Paul Rastfetter and his wife Gertie Rastfetter run this cozy, and somewhat cramped tavern of only 3 tables and one short bar. However, Paul is known for brewing a fine, tasty dark ale and Gertie cooks a wonderful meat and veggie pie.

The Gig is off the beaten path a bit in southern Olfden near the southeast gate. The adventures probably found The Gig by accident as The Gig is just one of several houses just off of the main southern road.

Main Page

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